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Stickmaking materials
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Alpine Spikes
Aluminium crook
Animal head Blanks
Ash shanks
Books and DVDs
Badger blank
Bending jig
Bird head blanks
Blackthorn shanks
Brass collars
Brass ferrules
Buffalo horn
Cane holder
Carving blanks
Carving glove
Carving tools
Carving wood
Chestnut shanks
Cock pheasant blank
Combination spikes
Cow horns
Crook blank (alum)
Crook blank (horn)
Crook blank (wood)
DIY Kits
DIY Materials
Dog blanks
Duck blanks
Embedding resin
Engraved collars
Epoxy resin
Epoxy putty
Fish blanks
Fox blanks
Glass eyes
Grouse blanks
Hazel shanks
Heron blanks
Hen pheas't blanks
Hiking stick blank
Horn spacers
Horn Polishing kit
Horse blanks
Kevlar glove
Leather lace
Lyre blank (horn)
Lyre blank (wood)
Magnetic Ferrules
Partridge blank
Plastic Sheet
Polishing Kit
Rams horns
Roe buck antlers
Rubber ferrules
Salmon blank
Screw joints
Shrink tube
Stag horn
Steel-tip ferrules
Stick press
Swan blank
Threaded rod
Thumbstick blanks
Trout blanks
Wading staff kit
Walker blank
Woodcock blanks
Wrist loop straps

Sticks & Crooks
normally made
to order.

These are Not normally
available outside
email for details!


Animal sticks
Antler thumbsticks
Antler walkingsticks
Badger stick
Beating sticks
Bird head sticks
Buffalo horn crooks
Buffalo horn thumbsticks
Carved sticks
Cat head sticks
Cock pheasant stick
Cowhorn marketstick
Derby sticks
DIY Kits
DIY Materials
DIY Stickmaking
Dog sticks
Duck sticks
Eagle sticks
Engraved collars
Fish sticks
Fox head stick
Gen purpose
Goose sticks
Grouse stick
Hen pheasant stick
Hiking stick
Horn crooks
Horn Handled
Horn sticks
Knob sticks
Lyre thumb stick
Nanny McPhee stick
Partridge stick
Rams horn sticks
Regency stick
Salmon stick
Sticks containing photos
Swan stick
Thumbsticks (horn)
Thumbsticks (wood)
Trout stick
Wading convert kit
Wading Staffs
Wading Sticks
Wolf stick
Woodcock stick


Books & DVDS
Gift Vouchers
Cane History
Stickmaking class
Cane holder
Straightening sticks
Why use a Stick?

The Stick Man (UK)
Estd. 1999

THE SITE for stickmaking components and handmade sticks - The Stick Man has been trading world-wide for over TWENTY years! 

John Craven with Jacky and Keith following filming for BBC Countryfile

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Mail order (UK) price list available - please e mail and ask for "Stick Price List" OR "DIY price list".

Article in "The Dalesman" magazine

Article in "Shooting Times & Country" magazine

Stickmaking as a hobby - hints and tips on making your own sticks

Why use a stick?

The history of walking canes

Self defence with a stick

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I have made several sticks for film, TV and theatrical productions. The most famous is the 'magical' walking stick in the "Nanny McPhee" films, starring Emma Thompson.



Sticks have also been made for the TV shows "Emmerdale" and "Heartbeat" and numerous stage shows.

I was commissioned to make a special crook in 2011 for the newly ordained Bishop of Durham, Justin Welby. He has now been promoted to Archbishop of Canterbury - the highest office in the Church of England!

He wanted an African Rock Hyrax carving on the horn crook - a reminder of his days working in a mission in Africa. I said it would look like a mouse from a distance and I wasn't wrong!









Walking stick Stickmaking stick making classes stick making courses

Walking sticks are walking cane, walking canes with folding stick folding sticks or hiking stick. Hiking sticks shillelagh is shillelaghs walking stick making and stick making class or stickmaking classes. A stick making book canes hiking staff, hiking staffs ferrule, ferrules or rubber ferrule and rubber ferrules are metal ferrule with metal ferrules. This hiking stave fischer folding stick and folding sticks are a folding walking stick. Folding walking sticks rambling stocknaegel and stocknaegel will blackthorn and blackthorn sticks. The shooting stick, shooting sticks and bending sticks with knob stick or knob sticks will be carved stick. Your carved sticks are hand carved stick and hand carved sticks.