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DIY Components - Horns

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DIY ONLINE horn price list



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See HERE for information on postal price changes.

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Please note - small packages will normally be sent by Royal Mail and larger ones by courier.

We can not ship any horn or antler items on this page outside the UK and EU.

Special offer prices only apply when ordering ONLINE

Horn and Antler

It must be appreciated that all horns and antlers are naturally grown items and as such there may be considerable variation between individual pieces.

True horn is a thermoplastic and can be heated, bent and shaped to create wonderful horn handles, but you may need specialist equipment to use it to its full potential. Antler is bone and cannot normally be bent.

If you require specific sizes or shapes then please make sure you advise us of these at the time of ordering - we do our best to provide what our customers want but reading minds is not our speciality!
As soon as you order anything your order form has a box for "Additional order information" - please use it to tell us what you want.

NOTE: Measurements of horns are made along the outside curve.

All countries have import restrictions on "Animal Products" (which includes 'raw horns') to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. All our horns are acquired legally and have been disinfected where appropriate. However, it has been our experience that horns and unfinished horn products are very likely to be stopped by Customs outside the EU.

We can not ship any horn or antler items on this page outside the UK and EU.

Black Buffalo Horn NEW STOCK FROM INDIA.

from domesticated Asian Water Buffalo

Solid tips - no large hollow section! As Rams Horn has become increasingly difficult to get, buffalo horn has become more popular. Although predominantly black when polished, you will often find white flecks or streaks, also smoky blues and greys will appear in some horns. Polishes to a high gloss with the use of metal polish on a cloth - or buy one of our polishing kits (below) for that really professional look!

Grade 'A' horns are selected to be more easily worked with fewer irregularities, minimum thickness of 1 inch (25 mm) at the thicker end. No visible defects that would seriously affect their use for stick handles.
NOTE: Grade 'A' does not mean "perfect" - it simply implies a better than average quality for stickmaking uses.

GRADE 'A' HORNS Only a few left

SMALL (9" to 12") for nose-in Market Sticks or small crooks £9

MEDIUM (12.5" to 15.0") for Market Sticks
or medium crooks £15


LARGE (15.5" to 18") for Medium/large sized crooks £18

Grade "B" horns are less regular in shape, more curled or twisted or thinner cross section. Some can still be used in stickmaking but many are more suited to other craft uses.


SMALL (8" to 12") £6.00

MEDIUM (12.5" to 15.0") £7.50

LARGE (15.5" to 18") £9.30

Steel Jig

Bending jig

Welded steel jig for use with buffalo, cow or ram or goat horn. £42 each.

The jig has a piece welded to the back which can be held in a vice. You need to use G clamps to hold the horn in place while bending (clamps not supplied but available from most hardware/DIY outlets).


Bending Jig £42


Instruction booklet explaining the use of the jig and horn bending technique below.


How to bend Buffalo Horn into crooks

Small home-made booklet by The Stick Man. A detailed step-by-step guide showing you the 'easy' way to make Buffalo Horn handles. It includes colour photo's of the horn-bending jig in use with tips on how best to make use of it. Only £2.50

How to bend Buffalo Horn price £2.50


Read about it

Special offer prices only apply when ordering ONLINE
(Not phone orders)

Pre-shaped handles for walking sticks (still require filing, sanding and polishing). Please note that although these are made to "standard" patterns there will inevitably be variations in exact dimensions and coloration of horns. "Perfect" pieces are rare - so don't expect them to be so. Many horns will show some fine cracks or streaks of grey, white, blue or brown and should not be considered "faults". Personally I think the perfectly black pieces look a bit too much like plastic when polished.

Black Buffalo Horn Lyre thumb stick handle - shaped and smoothed, ready to fit to a shank - the neck of the lyre is about 25 mm in diameter. Smooth with fine abrasive and metal polish to get a shiny finish. The use of a buffing wheel will give great results! Abrasives and polishes can be found on the Tools page, buffing wheels are lower down the page (Polishing Kit).

Price: £10.50

Buffalo Horn Lyre £10.50


Black Buffalo Horn Fork thumb stick handle - shaped and smoothed, ready to fit to a shank. You can cut the tips shorter if you wish or heat and bend them out to open the V. Polish in same way as the Lyre pattern. Both can look stunning with a white bone spacer and dark shank - see my finished thumb sticks page.

Price: £10.50


Buffalo Horn Fork £10.50


Buffalo Horn Crook, nose-out

These are not always in stock as we only make a few at a time.

These have been formed by heating and bending the solid horn round a jig, followed by rasping into the rough shape. Some variation in exact size and shape is inevitable because they are handmade and the finishing you do will also determine the final size/shape. They are designed to fit shanks around 7/8" to 1" at top.

Pre-shaped Buffalo horn handle with "full turn" nose-out


Buffalo Horn Market Stick, nose-in

The Market Stick handle has the nose turned inwards instead of being curled out. Roughly shaped for you to finish.

Pre-shaped Buffalo horn Market Stick handle


Buffalo Horn Round Handle (long)

As above but with the nose longer so you can turn it outwards to make a full-turn nosed crook. Roughly shaped for you to finish.

Pre-shaped Round Buffalo horn Stick handle LONG NOSE


Buffalo horn Blocks

Buffalo horn End Blocks

Sections from the thick ends of horns, roughly an inch (25 mm) thick and 2 to 4 inches (50 - 100 mm) long. May have a small depression in one end where the bone was inside the horn.
Can be cut up for spacers, antler caps, cow horn caps etc. & useful for all kinds of other craft projects. Horn cuts quite easily with a small saw and files and sands like wood.

Buffalo Horn End Block £3.30 each now only £3.00 each !!



Rams horn



Some of the bigger horns may have small holes that have been drilled by the farmer for tethering rams.

These can be squeezed shut during routine heating and bulking and hardly show when finished.

Seriously damaged and very hollow horns are sold as Craft Grade for uses other than stickmaking

Please note that some of the horns available now still have bone cores inside.

Prices vary according to size (measured around the OUTSIDE curve) and availability so, to make it easier to order, I've put them into suitable categories for stickmaking - but please note that exact size and shape will vary due to differences in the horns from different sheep breeds. I cannot guarantee horns to be free from defects - though I do inspect each one myself - and will only refund money if you return them BEFORE you start to work on them! You should, however, expect most horns to have some cracks, splits or hollows - all of these can be 'worked' upon to produce a usable handle of some kind but considerable skill is required and some way of applying heat and pressure is needed to bend and "bulk" the horn to get the best results.

Some horns are easier to work than others but even experienced stickmakers have failures! We can not guarantee any horn will make a perfect stick. No refunds given once you've started working a horn.


If you want to discuss your requirements prior to ordering we welcome enquiries by email.



SMALL. (6 to 12" long with 3" to 8" solid) Possible uses: walking sticks, ladies sticks, small market sticks and crooks, Ramscurl sticks, half-heads and small trout.

Small Rams Horn £4.80 each. ...


MEDIUM. (10 to 15" long with 8 to 10" solid - MAY HAVE A HOLE DRILLED NEAR THE TIP. ) Possible uses: market sticks, small crooks, Cardigan sticks, Ramscurl sticks, smaller carved crooks (thistle type), half-heads and larger trout.

Medium Rams Horn £10.80 each......


Large. (16" TO 19" long with 10" or more of solid horn - MAY HAVE A HOLE DRILLED NEAR THE TIP. ). Possible uses: Full sized crooks, carved crooks, half-head sticks.

Large Rams Horn £15.00 each.......


Extra Large (Over 20" long with 15" or more of solid - MAY HAVE A HOLE DRILLED NEAR THE TIP. ). Very heavy and bulky for carving birds and animals on a crook. VERY RARE! (Two in stock)

Extra Large Rams Horn £24 each.......



Size descriptions are as for plain horns above.


Small JACOB Rams Horn £6 each.......


Picture unavailable at present but can be curled or nearly straight horns, but black, often with white stripes.



Medium JACOB Rams Horn £18 each.......



Picture unavailable at present


Large JACOB Rams Horn £25 each.......


Pair of horns matched for size and shape. Colours vary.

Not best suited to stickmaking but useful for other craft projects such as headresses, masks etc. where a nice matching pair of horns is required.

Matched Pair Rams Horn (smaller) £6.00......


Matched Pair Rams Horn (larger) £12.00......


Damaged or hollow horns

Damaged or VERY hollow horns,
with cracks and holes or other damage, making them less suitable for stickmaking. Still useful for practising with or decorative purposes and costume/mask making or for cutting up for other projects. £3.00 each.

Damaged Rams Horn £3.60 each. ONLY £3 each...ONLY £3...


Ewe Horns (often still have the bone core inside)

From the female sheep, usually smaller than horns from the male rams.
Generally around 5 to 8 inches long. These horns can be used for very simple stick handles or for various craft projects and costume/mask making. Some often show coloured dye or heat-markings, used by farmers to show ownership.

From Only £1 each!


SMALL Ewe Horn £1.00 each....



As above but larger horns, 10" to 16" long.

LARGE Ewe Horn £2.00 each....



Matching Pair of Ewe Horns (only a few left)

We are frequently asked for matching pairs of cheaper horns for costume making or as decorative items so we've taken some time to match these as closely as possible for size and shape.

Ewe horns are all basically crescent-shaped, occasionally with a "flick" outwards at the tip. You can clean them with a wire brush or sandpaper and varnish them or paint them if you want to colour them.
Some often show coloured dye or heat-markings, used by farmers to show ownership.

Ewe Horns, £6.00 each PAIR......



Rams Horn "Backs" - hollow sections from the open ends of the horns (may still have the bone core inside.) Useful for making horn collars or capping material. Can be cut, heated and shaped to form ears, horns, beaks etc. on carvings. Also useful for making spoons, napkin rings, shoe horns or other craft projects.

2 Rams Horn Back £1.20 (only 60p each!)


Pack of 10 Rams Horn "Backs" as above.

10 Rams Horn Back £4.80 (only 48p each!)


Examples below of handles that can
be made from cow horn. 


Cow Horn NB due to BSE regulations it is very difficult to get horns from British cattle but we can usually get a few!

Most of our cow horns are useful for making 'knob' type handles. These can have coins, medals, badges etc. set in the open end - or capped with horn or wood after filling the hollow with wood, resin, car body filler or similar. They are also bought for making masks and head dresses.

Some of the medium and large horns are from Longhorn and Highland breeds and have enough solid material to be heated and bent into handles - few will make crooks.
Cow horn has the unfortunate property of 'delaminating' while growing and a cross-section cut will often reveal cracks or fissures which may need to be heated and squeezed when making bent handles (similar to 'bulking' ramshorn). Length stated includes the hollow section where the bone was. Most of these horns only have around 2 to 6 inches of solid horn at the tip - the rest is hollow. Many of the smaller ones are hollow almost to to the tip and may show signs of damage. If you need to discuss specific purposes please
e mail me before or soon after ordering so we send what you are hoping for.




Cow Horn medium (10" to 12" TOTAL LENGTH ) £6.60



Cow Horn large (12" to 19" TOTAL LENGTH ) £9.60



Cow Horn Extra large (20" to 30" TOTAL LENGTH) £15.00 (VERY FEW LEFT)


The bigger ones can be used for making powder horns, drinking vessels or hunting horns.
For info on polishing horns or making drinking horns go

Cow Horn "Backs"

Cow Horn "Backs" - sections from the open ends of the horns. Useful for cutting up for capping material. Can be cut, heated and shaped to form ears, horns, beaks etc. on carvings. Also useful for making spoons, napkin rings, shoe horns, drinking mugs or other craft projects. Various sizes from around 50 mm to 100 mm across open ends.

2 Cow Horn Backs 60p (only 30p each!)


For abrasives and tools for stickmaking look HERE

Clear Plastic Sheet


An alternative to embedding resin - easier, cheaper and quicker to use.



Used for setting coins, badges, fishing flies, pictures, compasses etc. in cow horn knob handles or in antler, horn or wooden tops. The plastic is completely clear and can be filed and sanded before polishing to a glasslike finish.

Advantages over embedding resin include:
No smell.
No dangerous chemicals (resin and hardener are hazardous).
Cheaper to use - only buy what you need - resin often sets in the tin before you use it all.
No trapped air bubbles.
No waiting for it to set.
No spills or sticky residue.
Doesn't soak in.
Doesn't shatter like resin.
Doesn't react with metals, paper, photos etc.


Embedding resin has so many disadvantages that I don't know why so many people still use it! I'm no longer stocking it.

For more info on using the sheet look here

Please order plastic sheet below:




Plastic sheet, 5 cm x 5 cm (2 inch square), thickness is 4 mm.
It can be cut to any shape with a small saw then filed and sanded down before polishing smooth. 60p each piece.

Small Plastic sheet, 5 cm x 5 cm £0.60p each


 If you want a bigger piece then we also supply it in A5 size (aprox 20 cm x 12.5 cm, that's 8" x 5" EQUIVALENT TO 10 SMALL PIECES).

Large Plastic sheet, 20 cm x 12.5 cm £4.95p each



For instructions on using the sheet look here

Laminated pictures

Packs of assorted small pictures laminated in plastic. The pictures are approximately an inch square (25 mm) and can be cut to shape with scissors to fit into your own handles. You can set them in wooden or horn handles if you wish but most people use antler. Cover with the plastic sheet (above) to make more secure then file, sand and polish the plastic to a perfect finish.

The pictures are of Gamebirds, Working dogs and British wild mammals.

Pack of THREE £1.80 SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £1.50


Pack of TEN £4.80 SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £3.00


Drill bit for Laminated pictures

25 mm Forstner drill bit for making flat-bottomed holes in horn or antler or wood.



Drill bit for Laminated pictures

24 mm Forstner drill bit for making flat-bottomed holes in horn or antler or wood.



Fine and coarse polishing compounds

Polishing Kit for horn, antler, plastic and embedding resin.
Note: The polishing kit is best used after all scratches have been removed with abrasive tape/mesh and steel wool (
see Tools).

Set of two polishing wheels, coarse and fine polishing compounds (one for each wheel) and a threaded cone mandrel. The mandrel fits almost any electric drill (including a bench drill) converting it into a polisher! Use one wheel with coarse compound to take out fine scratches left after abrasives - then use the other wheel with fine compound to polish to a bright mirror-like shine!

Gently touch rotating wheel with compound block to apply a fine coating.

NB use eye protection with rotating wheels and use on fairly slow speed for best results. The wheels are small enough to fit inside most crooks and market sticks to get to those hard-to-reach internal curves!

Polishing kit £21.00


For replacement compounds and additional polishing options see the TOOLS page.

Read about it

Stag Antler

Want to know where and how our antler is obtained? Look HERE

British Stag Antler.

Exact shapes vary but will resemble pictures. Colour may vary from near white to dark brown. Green staining may show if naturally shed antlers have been left on grass for some time. Thickness can vary a lot - from under 20 mm to over 30 mm.

If you require specific sizes/shapes/colours we will try to accommodate you but you must let us know! It's a waste of our time and yours if we post things out and then you want to exchange them because they're not what you wanted!

Most antler is oval in cross section, making it awkward to fit to sticks unless a spacer or collar is used - or you use oval-topped sticks.

Some antler is quite smooth to the touch, some is very rough. Most will have some brown coloration which is usually peat-staining from the hills where the stags live. Antler is bone - not horn - so cannot be heated and bent like true horn can be.
Old, naturally shed antlers (those that fall off in the spring) can lose a lot of colour by becoming bleached by sunlight. Often you will find one pale side that's been exposed to sunlight and the other side is darker where it's been shaded. Antlers from culled stags are often very dark brown because they've had no chance to bleach out the colour.

It's quite feasible to darken otherwise pale antler by staining or painting
(Van Dyke Crystals on the
SHANKS page work well ). Whether pale or dark, I find it best to sand down the surface to reveal some of the paler bone underneath, giving a mottled or striped effect. The paler areas polish extremely well, particularly when buffing wheels are used.

Antler has gone up in price over the last few years because a lot of it is now being sold for dog-chews in pet stores. Personally, I won't give it to my own dogs because it can be very hard and brittle and can break into very sharp spiky pieces!

Antler Fork grade "A"
for Thumbsticks.

Fairly regular in shape and comfortable in the hand. Less "turn" in the neck of the antler (so the fork is more upright). May have one or both points left on if they are short. More circular in cross section at the base than the grade B antlers, making them slightly easier to fit shanks to them.
Only a small proportion of forks are grade "A" so we can't always keep them in stock. These are usually from the "top" ends of the antlers so are mostly narrow at the bases - around 23 to 26mm. Please specify if you have particular needs.

Antler Fork Grade "A" £12.60


Antler Fork grade "B"
for Thumbsticks.

Less regular in shape than the grade A. Base of the "neck" often more oval or narrow, requiring the use of a spacer or collar to get a good joint with the shank - or use up those oval-topped or thinner shanks you have left after you've used all your best ones! These are more variable in thickness and can go from 20 mm up to 35mm or (rarely) more. Please specify if you have particular needs.

These are the most popular antler pieces we sell and will make very usable (and saleable) handles for working and hiking sticks.

Antler Fork Grade "B" £9.50


Antler Coronet (Crown) Handle

Can be fixed to shank "upright" or you can turn it on its side, remove point and fix as a horizontal handle. The horizontal handle will almost always require a collar of some sort to enable a robust fixing to strengthen the joint because the cut point is much thinner. Various sizes available. Please specify if you have particular needs.

Coronet Handle £10.00


Antler Coronet with Double Point

Coronet with two points (tines) instead of one - you can make some interesting and spectacular sticks with these. Not all of these have equal length points, picture is for illustration only.

Coronet Double Point £10.50



Antler Coronet Roll

A Coronet piece where the tine (point) has failed to develop properly or has grown at the wrong angle and has been cut/ground level. Use for an upright handle grip for a hiking stick or wading staff.

Coronet Roll £9.60



Antler Roll

Straight (often slightly curved) section of antler, 4" to 5" long and around 7/8 to 1" thick. Use for an upright handle grip for a hiking stick or small wading staff. Top can be capped with horn and use a spacer or collar at the bottom end to add length if required.

Antler Roll £7.50



Small roll, 2" to 4" long and around 3/4" to 1" thick. Use for a child's stick handle, showing cane handle etc. or cut up for other uses.

SMALL Antler Roll £2.10



Antler Angled Roll (Wading handle)

Section cut from a damaged or deformed fork, leaving the top wider than the bottom and often on a sloping angle. Use for a hiker or wading staff. Cap the top with horn or wood for a nice finish.

Angled Roll £7.50



Long Roll (for Priest)

Section around 8" to 10" long (20 - 25 cm). Used mainly for making fishing/game priest with one end rounded out and polished. A lanyard can be fitted to the other end. These are normally heavy enough not to require additional weighting but you can add some if desired by drilling out the thick end and capping with horn after inserting the lead.


Long (Priest) Roll £9.00



Antler Tri-Point

Section from the tip of an antler where three points have grown instead of two. These can make interesting and unusual thumbsticks as no two are exactly alike. Personally, I prefer to take the tips of the points off and cap with horn (for safety reasons) but we generally leave them on for you if they are not excessively long. As these are from the very tips of the antlers the bases are usually fairly thin - around 23-26mm.


Antler Tri-point £15.00




Horn and bone spacers



Antler fork showing horn caps and spacer after fitting  


Thick spacers can be filed flush with the profile of the handle and shank - or left protruding as a short "barrel" shape, as below. 




Buffalo horn (black or dark brown with pale streaks) or white/cream bone slices for capping stag horn or as spacers between joints. These can be sawn, filed and sanded to shape and polished or varnished. Normal thickness is around 5 to 7 mm, double thick horn spacers around 13mm thick, as below.

Sorry, but we don't drill the spacers for you.


Buffalo Horn spacer disc 28-30 mm wide 75p each


10 Black buffalo spacers £3.60


White Bone spacer disc 25 to 30 mm wide 75p each


10 White Bone spacers (mixed sizes) £3.60



Buffalo Horn THICK spacer disc 30 mm wide but DOUBLE THICKNESS £1.50 each



Note: When drilling spacers make sure you support them on scrap wood in the vice otherwise you will invariable crack some of them! I find it best to drill half way through from each side - especially with the bone ones.


Buffalo Horn Caps (or small spacers)

Buffalo Horn discs, smaller than the spacers above, for capping smaller antler forks, approx. 26 mm diameter and 5 to 7 mm thick. Can obviously be used for spacers on thinner shanks.

Colour is usually black or dark brown with pale streaks.

NOTE: These caps may have an oily coating which must be sanded or filed off before gluing on to your antler - just sand the bottom side so the glue will stick!

Buffalo horn cap 60p EACH

Buffalo horn caps £3.00 for TEN (30p each).


File and sand smooth then polish to a glossy shine! Example above.

Cow Horn Caps (or small spacers)

Cow Horn discs, smaller than the normal spacers above, for capping smaller antler forks, approx. 23 to 26 mm diameter and 5 to 7 mm thick. Colours vary but normally translucent cream with flecks or bands of brown or black. Something a bit different from the usual black buffalo horn caps you see everywhere!

NOTE: These caps may have an oily coating which must be sanded or filed off before gluing on to your antler - just sand the bottom side so the glue will stick!

Cow horn cap 60p EACH.....


Horn off cuts

For cutting into caps for antler handles. Assortment of horn slices and off cuts depending on what we have in stock, approximately 150 gms in each pack. Enough for dozens of antler thumbsticks.

Also useful for various craft projects.

Pack of horn off cuts £2.40.......



Antler points - Pack of ten small points (1" to 3" long) for making key rings, light pulls, zip pulls or small whistles. £ 3.00

Pack of 10 Small Antler Points £3.003.00......


Pack of two large antler points (3" to 6" long) for larger whistles, knife handles etc. £2.60

Pack of two Large Antler Points £2.60......


Pack of 6 Large Antler Points £8.4018.00........


Extra Large Antler point (approx. 6" to 10" long and usually curved) for knife handles etc.

Extra Large Antler Point £3.60


Antler Craft Pieces - Pack of assorted small sections for making small collars, cutting up for caps, making buttons, beads, key rings, pendants - or anything else you can think of! Approx. 250g per pack.

Pack of Assorted Antler pieces £2.10.........


Antler collars

Roughly cylindrical sections of antler with some of the core drilled out. You may need to file and sand the collars to get the best fit for your own sticks.


Pack of 3 assorted antler collars £6.00



Roe Buck antlers


Grade A Large Roe Buck antlers, Wider fork and thick neck suitable for substantial thumb sticks, around 6 to 8 inches long £7.20



Grade B Large Roe Buck antlers, as above but narrower forked ones and/or thinner neck for lightweight thumbsticks on thinner shanks. Good enough for knife handles, key rings, whistles, etc. £6.00


Grade B Roe Buck antlers, as above as a matched pair for head-dresses etc. £12.00


Small Roe Buck antlers, similar shape but smaller, around 4 to 6 inches long £4.80 each


Roe Buck antler shank with coronet, around 3 to 4 inches long for small knife handles £2.40 each


Spike Roe Buck antlers


Small spikes with coronet for knife handles, key rings, whistles etc. A few are just single spikes, most have two or three small side branches. Normally three to six inches long, occasionally longer.

Only £2.00 each


Roe Buck antlers attached to skull plate. OUT OF STOCK

A pair of antlers still attached to the top of the skull - the skull has been cleaned and bleached so it can be drilled and mounted on a base or straight onto a wall, either as a decoration or as a hat rack! I have two left that are already mounted on wooden "shields" for the same price if you'd like one (use the Technical info text box).

Roe Buck Antlers on skull £18.00




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