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Why use a Stick?

Here are a few of the many emails I get from satisfied customers. Whenever I'm feeling a bit low I just have to read this page and it brightens my day!

If you send me one of your own and do not want it to appear on this page - just say so. I only ever include names given - no addreses.

Just received the 2 buffalo lyre handles from you.

Absolutely delighted with the quality and the speed of delivery.

Great products - outstanding service.

Many thanks...


many thanks kieth, the stick arrived saturday morning, wonderful repair and once again, many thanks.

terry barter.

Just to let you know that the eagle has landed. It looks terrific and I'm sure Ray will be delighted with it.

Thanks so much for all your help and I hope all your customers are as pleased as we are with your work

Best wishes

Andy McKim

Keith, thank you for the quick delivery. The package arrived today - that's 5 days - fairly fast, n'est pas?


--- Keith Pickering wrote:

Just letting you know that your order is on its way. It's going by airmail, which normally takes about ten days on average to the USA -

Dear Keith

Thanks for a splendid day at the workshop yesterday. My thumbstick has been much admired, especially by my wife who gave me the day as a birthday present. I now have an heirloom to pass on.

Long may you prosper and may God protect you from Joe public.


The stick arrived safe and well this morning at 7.10!!!

It looks great. I have my eye on one of your market sticks, but I'll try this for size for a while in case I want a slightly different length. 

Thanks again, Keith.

I am pleased to report that the stick arrived safely today 27/9/06. I think its extremely handsome and just the job for me as an 80 year old gent. Thank you for your excellent service !

Just to let you know that the horns arrived safely and I note that you were considerate and generous in the way you put my order together.

I really ppreciate what you did and thank you very much indeed...

Pius Fenech

We commissioned a dog stick Golden Retriever (Bertie) and collected it last week. We would like to take this oppurtunity to say how brilliant it is, and we are thrilled to bits with it. Graham has made two sticks but says it will take a long time to get to your standard. Thanks again Graham and Annette

I am writing to confirm receipt of the above order, this morning.

And to thankyou for the walking stick, which I am very pleased with. Your attention to detail is very good, the Badger Head is very detailed and the stick a very good colour and match. This is a walking stick to be very proud of.

Again thankyou for your good service,

Michael Caruana




Sir, as a first time buyer I would like to thank you for the quality of your goods and the superb service.I will be contacting you again you can be I can try my own stickmaking (personal use only ),once again many thanks..............Rick Brock..........


Thank you. The stick is fabulous - my wife is thrilled.

Your service is exceptional.

Best wishes,

Richard Hearmon


Thanks so much for the stick. Dwight would not open the stick until his

Your sticks are SO BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks again,


A great service from start to finish. A top class product, great customer feed back.


Ray Elliott

The walking stick that I ordered has arrived today. Many thanks for the quick and efficient service. I am really pleased with the way the design has turned out and the quality is great. The eyes of the partridge seem to follow you around the room. I shall certainly recommend you to my friends.


Miss C A Simpson

Hi Keith

thanks for the stick it arrived today tuesday 03 07 07 its the dogs dangley bits . It has a good big strong fork on it and is just what I have been looking for , for the last 20yrs have asked other people to make a stick like it but they always made it too lite or the fork was too thin and one tine would break off, but you seemed to grasp the concept and came up with the goods. Well done you, all the best at the shows and game fairs hope you make a fortune! thanks again

Paul Harvey


Dear Keith.

I have just received the stick i ordered from you. What a wonderful piece of work, and what excellent service you provide! The stick is delightful, a wonderful mix of wood, horn, and fittings to create a work of art. It is something i hope to treasure for many years to come. Thankyou.

Yours sicerely

Dave Cook.

Keith. Just to let you know that my staff arrived safely at just after 10 o' clock this morning.

What can I say about it! It's absolutely superb and worth waiting for. The length is just right, the handle fits my hand comfortably and the workmanship and finish is outstanding. I can't wait to use it. Add to this your friendly customer service in keeping me informed as to progress since placing the order and I am more than satisfied. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Please feel free to use these comments on your website if you wish.

Kind regards


thanks for the last order it came the next day horn is brilliant thanks once again Ken

Thanks for the prompt delivery. The stick is beautiful, I almost don't want to give it away. Thank you.



My crook arrived at 10.30 this morning.

Brilliant service and it is everything I hoped for.

Many thanks

john Davine

Many thanks Keith for the hazel stick I purchased last week it arrived 7days later! due to the postal strike. The stick is simply perfect and that is due to your personal touch in listening to what I required and steering me in the right direction.

I was wondering,that such a man who listens to people and gives them what they want could do with a customer comments page for happy customers, what do you think?

Also and finally I am thinking of painting on my stick your web page address for advertising purposes....yes I'm serious.

Anyway cheers for now one very happy customer.

Richard Reynolds.

Note from Keith: Obviously Richard hadn't seen this page!

Hi Keith

My thumb stick arrived today and can I say it was well worth the wait it is a real talent you have and the stick will be a pleasure to own.

Putting the dogs in the jeep now to take the stick out for a trial run once again thanks very much.


Thank you for processing my orders so quickly.

The engraving on the collars is excellent, especially "Bragh Jarood" my

customer be a very happy bunny.




The box arrived before 09.00hrs this morning and the horns are splendid - many thanks - as are the discs and collars.

The horns will be a challenge which I shall approach with patience (and let you know the result, in due course).


Dear Keith

Many thanks for the blackthorn thumbstick - it arrived early in the week, and it's excellent. Well worth the wait. I thought I'd missed the boat again this year - I've been looking since January (you said there'd be a few in the New Year). I can't believe my luck having got your last one! Very quick delivery too.

Kind regards. Geoff

Hi Keith,

sorry it has taken so long for me to thank you for the stick making class

I had one of the most interesting days I have spent in years. your talent and ability to teach was brilliant. My stick is the envy of all who have seen it and now look forward to making many more.

Once again thank you for a great day.


Want to send me your own comments about the service you received? Email me