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The Stick Man

WHERE TO FIND US The Stick Man, The Walled Garden, Cleveland Way, Helmsley, York YO62 5AH


Follow the dotted lines on the map, either by car down Cleveland Way or on foot from the Market Place.

Post code for Sat Nav users is YO62 5AH

Please be aware that some Sat Navs will direct you into the Long Stay car park and tell you that you have arrived - go past the car parks and drive towards the Walled Garden if you wish to use our private car park for a short time.


We are located in the first craft workshop behind Helmsley Castle. Follow signs to "The Walled Garden" from the Car Park or follow the directions using the map above and photographs below.

Shop visiting times

We are basically an ONLINE BUSINESS so we are not open to the public all the time.

We need to be able to get on and work without constant interruption from visitors or phone callers - so there will be times when we're in but the doors are closed. We're often out in the woods during daylight or may have gone to one of the local timber mills for supplies.

Please look at the opening days/times below but be aware that as a small family business emergencies happen that could still make us close without warning so we can't guarantee set shop hours. Even if we are in, we will be busy making sticks and/or packing orders - and there's not enough room inside our small workshop for visitors while we are packing. PLEASE don't ask if I'll be in weeks in advance of a visit - I simply can't know that. Days when we'll be definitely closed will be noted below and updated if anything changes.

Workshop opening times:


Saturdays normally open 10 - 12

Closed every Sunday & Monday.

Tuesday to Friday 10.30 - 12 and 1.15 - 3

Weekday shop hours can vary and we may be open later - but please don't turn up earlier than 10.30 as we're often still packing orders until mid morning.


The shop answerphone will normally have a message telling you what days we'll be open that week. Shop number is 01439 771450 but we can't answer if we're busy with customers or have machinery running. Having said all that - we'll definitely answer if we can! Mobiles don't work very well here for voice calls but texts often get through - try me on 07901717853


Please don't phone unless it's really urgent.

I CAN NOT give practical instructions on how to make sticks over the phone - so please don't ask. Most of the enquiries made by phone are already answered on our FAQ page anyway.





Click here for E-mail

Mail order address and workshop:
The Stick Man, The Walled Garden, Cleveland Way, Helmsley, York YO62 5AH


If you are on foot you can walk through the gap to the right of The Royal Oak pub, cross the road and past the Castlegate Cafe. Head towards the castle and see the ruins in front of you (this is probably the most photographed bit of Helmsley) then go along the path to the right and past the new Castle entrance and the Long Stay car park. From the car park, follow the signs for the Walled Garden.



As you enter the picnic area look to your left and you get this stunning view of what remains of the castle keep. It was blown apart by the Parliamentarian army after the siege of the castle during the English Civil War. It was packed with gunpowder and destroyed so it could never be used as a fortress again - it certainly worked!
If you park in the Cleveland Way car park you'll see the castle anyway so just follow signs for the Walled Garden and Craft Workshops. It will take you about 7 minutes to walk from the car park in the town square, or two to three minutes from the Long Stay car park off Cleveland Way.

Cleveland Way as you get to the car parks on the left - go straight on down the stone track to the Walled Garden and The Stick Man

By car from Teesside turn right into Cleveland Way, opposite the Feversham Arms, before you reach the Market Place.

From York/Thirsk at the top of the Market Place turn left in front of the Black Swan Hotel then take a right by the church. Turn left opposite the Feversham Arms into Cleveland Way.

From Pickering go straight across at the mini roundabout , past the Market Place (on your left) and turn right by the church, then left into Cleveland Way.

You pass the Ryeburn Ice cream Parlour (well worth a visit!!) on your right. Cleveland Way becomes a stone track in front of you - the public car parks are on your left. You will have to "Pay and Display" in here and walk a short distance to my shop.

If you are coming to the shop to buy or collect from us then you can drive down the stone track and park outside the shop for a short period. Take no notice of a signs saying there is no parkiing at the Walled Garden - we have our own small car park but it can be full at busy times.

CUSTOMERS may use the private car park outside my shop free of charge for short periods - access is down the stone track at the public car park entrance. Follow the stone track straight ahead and then go left at the big tree (see below).

You pass this huge stone with an acorn carved on it - this is the start of the Cleveland Way long distance footpath. You would be amazed at how many walkers manage to miss this thing and end up in my shop to ask for directions. My usual reply is "If you can't find the start - how on earth will you find the finish?"

The track is popular with local dog walkers as well as ramblers - so drive slowly.

After about 100 metres you come to a left fork sign posted for the Walled Garden and the cafe - follow the sign or you will end up in a dead end and have a lot of reversing to do.


Here is the entrance to the shop - The Stick Man is the first shop you'll see - entrance on the left. The Walled Garden entrance is 50 yards to the right.

Disabled parking is available here and in the larger car park at the Walled Garden itself. You don't have to be disabled to park here if you are coming to collect things from the shop or attending a class. Free parking is often difficult due to the small nature of the business but plenty of pay & display spaces are a short walk away.

Some of the sticks on display in the shop. There are usually between 50 and 100 at any one time - though this does vary. All carved sticks are made to order so we NEVER have them in stock.

Some more sticks on display in the shop.
I offer one day
stick-making classes (maximum three people per class). Make a complete stick in a day and take it home with you. All tools and materials are supplied, as is lunch and refreshments. No experience is needed.

Accommodation in Helmsley is often limited so book early.

More sticks and some of the DIY materials.



Photos on the shop wall showing just a few of the sticks made in previous years with more DIY materials and some interesting reading.



We're not doing any shows now, just concentrating on the website and shop sales.



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